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Surname Forename Rank Awards Service No. Battalion
ANDERSON Arthur Private 12340 1st Bn.
ANDERSON Andrew Peter Private 76108 16th Bn.
ANDERSON Edward Corporal 2045 1/7th Bn.
ANDERSON Ernest Private 267758 2/7th Bn.
ANDERSON Fred Private 71469 17th Bn.
ANDERSON George Henry Private 72240 10th Bn.
ANDERSON Herbert William Private 24559 15th Bn.
ANDERSON John Thomas Private 97841 2nd Bn.
ANDERSON (WW2) Ralph Victor Private 4987058 5th Bn.
ANDERSON Richard Henry Private 20541 10th Bn.
ANDERSON (WW2) William Anderson Sergeant 2564277 2nd Bn.
ANDREW Albert Sergeant 27647 "B" Coy. 17th Bn.
ANDREW George William Private 117665 2nd Bn.
ANDREWS Albert Bernard Private 25657 16th Bn.
ANDREWS Arthur Ernest Private 266669 1/7th Bn.
ANDREWS (WW2) David Beresford Warrant Officer Class II 4796194 1st Bn.
ANDREWS Frederick Private 93925 2/7th Bn.
ANDREWS Frederick Daniel Private 202809 2/5th Bn.
ANDREWS George Edward Private 241577 1/6th Bn.
ANDREWS George Percy Private 268371 1st Bn.
ANDREWS Henry James Lance Corporal 72415 16th Bn.
ANDREWS Herbert Lance Corporal 21124 10th Bn.
ANDREWS John Private 71079 17th Bn.
ANDREWS James Private 56412 9th Bn.
ANDREWS John Arthur Private 3683 1/6th Bn.
ANDREWS Joseph Sergeant 70191 2nd Bn.
ANDREWS Leonard Private 37178 10th Bn.
ANDREWS Thomas William Private 269882 2/7th Bn.
ANDREWS Thomas Private 242175 11th Bn.
ANDREWS Thomas Henry Lance Corporal 70323 17th Bn.
ANDREWS Thomas William Private 306719 "A" Coy. 2/8th Bn.
ANDREWS William Henry Private 241727 "B" Coy. 2/6th Bn.
ANGUISH (WW2) Reginald Thomas Joseph Private 4809752 5th Bn.
ANGUS (WW2) James Cameron Lieutenant 329063 Unknown
ANKER Percy Private 1960 5th Bn
ANNABLE Steven Corporal 681 1/5th Bn.
ANNABLE Walter Private 13917 1st Bn.
ANNESS Henry Private Military Medal 73923 2nd Bn.
ANNISON Richard Williams Company Sergeant Major 6102 9th Bn.
ANSELL Henry George Sergeant 8722 1st Bn.
ANSELL James Frederick Private 330303 15th Bn.
ANSON George Lechmere Captain 2nd Bn.
ANSTEY George Private 72670 1st Bn.
ANSTEY Reginald John Company Sergeant Major 27228 17th Bn.
ANTCLIFFE Alfred Private 19240 9th Bn.
ANTHONEY Albert Private 19362 10th Bn.
ANTHONY Bertram Private 4787 17th Bn.
ANTHONY Ernest Private 26952 19th Bn.
ANTHONY Frederick William Private 2607 1/5th Bn.
ANTHONY George Corporal 11147 1st Bn.
ANTHONY Walter Private 2136 1/8th Bn.
APPLEBY George Ernest Private 202046 2/5th Bn.
APPLEBY Joseph Private 8928 2nd Bn.
APPLETON Harry Edward Private 10349 1st Bn.
APPLETON John William Lance Corporal 269717 "B" Coy. 10th Bn.
APPLEYARD Richard Lieutenant 14th Bn. attd. 11th Bn.
ARAM Charles Harry Private 269361 1/8th Bn.
ARCHER Dennis Private 106114 1st Bn.
ARCHER (WW2) Edmund Private 4982289 5th Bn.
ARCHER Ernest Private 200640 15th Bn.
ARCHER Ernest Arthur Private 71956 16th Bn
ARCHER Frederick Ridley Lance Sergeant 265330 1/7th Bn.
ARCHER John Thomas Lance Corporal 203257 1/5th Bn.
ARCHER Tom Henry Woollatt Private 85136 2/7th Bn.
ARDEN Charles Edward Private 102666 2/5th Bn.
ARDERN George Private 331150 15th Bn.
ARLISS (WW2) Albert Ernest Arliss Lance Corporal 4975381 2nd Bn.
ARME George Ernest Private 11956 "C" Coy. 2nd Bn.
ARMFIELD George Alfred Private 23291 2nd Bn.
ARMITAGE Albert Edward Private 2585 1/8th Bn.
ARMITAGE Frank Whittaker Private 82039 15th Bn.
ARMITAGE Robert Corporal 2380 1/6th Bn.
ARMITAGE William Private 957 2nd Bn.
ARMSON George Private 21052 2nd Bn.
ARMSTRONG Albert Private 328032 1/8th Bn.
ARMSTRONG Clarence Henry Private 4583 "C" Coy. 1/7th Bn.
ARMSTRONG Edward Henry Private 307010 2/5th Bn.
ARMSTRONG Horace William Private 106118 2/5th Bn.
ARMSTRONG Joshua Private 102946 10th Bn.
ARMSTRONG John G. Private 23163 9th Bn.
ARMSTRONG John William Private 19233 9th Bn.
ARMSTRONG William Private 13430 1st Bn.
ARNFIELD Frederick Private 21099 10th Bn.
ARNOLD Arthur Private 103419 10th Bn.
ARNOLD Arthur Frederick Private 45776 2nd Bn.
ARNOLD Fred Private 235225 2nd Bn.
ARNOLD Harold Sergeant 201959 2/5th Bn.
ARNOLD Walter Private 31055
ARNOLD William Jesse Private 71466 2/7th Bn.
ARNOTT Thomas Edward Private 73012 11th Bn.
ARROWSMITH George Frederick Private 20314 1st Bn.
ARROWSMITH Sydney Frank Private 265155 1/5th Bn.
ARTHUR Alex Private 76107 2nd Bn.
ARTHUR (WW2) Edward Ernest Private 14559303 2nd Bn.
ARTHURS Henry Private 12494 9th Bn.
ARTHURTON Sydney Private 21905 2nd Bn.
ASH Albert Percival Sergeant 265596 2/7th Bn.
ASH Basil Claudius Lieutenant 2nd Bn.
ASH Frank Arthur Private 204433 9th Bn.
ASH John Henry Private 71640 2nd Bn.
ASH William Quinningborough Private 268748 16th Bn.
ASHBY Samuel James Private 267138 2/7th Bn.
ASHDOWN John Private 70211 17th Bn.
ASHER George Private 28385 17th Bn.
ASHER George Private 5309 7th Bn.
ASHER Joseph Private 2381 1/7th Bn.
ASHER (WW2) Robert Private 4985917 2nd Bn.
ASHFORD Arthur Frederick Private 72094 2/7th Bn.
ASHFORD Walter George Private 306953 11th Bn.
ASHFORTH Edwin Walter Lance Corporal 4280 1/5th Bn.
ASHLEY Herbert Private 268630 12th Bn.
ASHLEY William Corporal 21499 10th Bn.
ASHLEY William Walton Lance Corporal 2174 1/8th Bn.
ASHMORE Ellis Lance Corporal 201958 2/5th Bn.
ASHMORE George Private 204595 19th Bn.
ASHMORE Harry Private 11720 1st Bn.
ASHMORE John Ernest Sergeant 14344 10th Bn.
ASHPOLE Herbert Private 73880 1/5th Bn.
ASHPOOL William Private 71098 16th Bn.
ASHTON Arthur Private 2402 1/5th Bn.
ASHTON Archibald Frank Corporal 241743 2/6th Bn.
ASHTON Ernest William Private 118454 1/5th Bn.
ASHTON John James Private 108900 1st Bn.
ASHTON William Private 109007 "C" Coy. 1st Bn.
ASHWORTH Fred Private 43138 10th Bn.
ASHWORTH George Second Lieutenant 19th Bn.
ASHWORTH Stanley Private 74043 10th Bn.
ASKEW Alfred Lindon Private 201249 1/5th Bn.
ASKEW (WW2) George William Private 5255450 5th Bn.
ASKEW Joseph Private 240854 1/6th Bn.
ASKEW J H Private 117624 2nd Bn.
ASKEW (WW2) Ronald Arthur Private 4976515 8th Bn.
ASKEY Albert Private 3774 2nd Bn.
ASLING Edward Hosmer Private 306008 2/8th Bn.
ASPINALL Ernest Frederick Private 102381 7th Bn.
ASPINALL Frederick Private 71465 17th Bn.
ASPLEY Ernest Private 11789 1st Bn.
ASTBURY Harry Private R6/11060 53rd Bn.
ASTILL George Lance Corporal 11193 1st Bn.
ASTILL Percy Private 4896 11th Bn.
ASTLE Henry Private 21823 Depot
ASTLEY The Hon. Jacob John Company Sergeant Major 202976 2/5th Bn.
ASTON Thomas Private 307335 2/8th Bn.
ATHERTON Stanley Harold Private 109008 1st Bn.
ATKIN Alfred Lance Corporal 16236 20th Bn.
ATKIN Charles Private 54676 10th Bn.
ATKIN George Private 4560 2nd Bn.
ATKIN (WW2) Harold Private 4972390 1/5th Bn.
ATKIN James Thomas Private 200257 1/5th Bn.
ATKIN Jesse Marson Lieutenant
ATKIN Walter Arthur Private 23520 15th Bn.
ATKIN William Henry Private 26090 16th Bn.
ATKIN William Private 3709 1st Bn.
ATKINS Harold Private 3539 2nd Bn.
ATKINS John Private 78202 2/5th Bn.
ATKINS John Private 23694 15th Bn.
ATKINS (WW2) Thomas Private 4742633 1/5th Bn.
ATKINS William Joseph Private 235210 2/7th Bn.
ATKINSON Arthur Lance Corporal 71467 17th Bn.
ATKINSON Frederick Thomas Private 26646 16th Bn.
ATKINSON (WW2) David Wiliam Private 14384587 2nd Bn.
ATKINSON (WW2) George Private 4621166 2nd Bn.
ATKINSON George Reid Private 93567 1/8th Bn.
ATKINSON John Sergeant 241324 2/6th Bn.
ATKINSON Lawrence Bertram Private 10442 1st Bn.
ATKINSON Osborn Private 76349 16th Bn.
ATKINSON Osborne Private 3285 1/5th Bn.
ATKINSON Samuel Private 100055 1/5th Bn.
ATTAWAY William Private 20270 15th Bn.
ATTENBOROUGH Frederick Private 59920 2nd Bn.
ATTENBOROUGH John William Private 43114 16th Bn.
ATTENBOROUGH Thomas Sergeant 201586 1/5th Bn.
ATTERBURY Arthur Edward Private 708 1/6th Bn.
ATTERBURY Charles Sidney Private 71100 16th Bn.
ATTERBY George Private 28281 "F" Coy. 17th Bn.
ATTOE Thomas Private 102598 1st Bn.
ATWOOD (WW2) Ernest Albert Corporal 5440720 5th Bn.
AUBREY Alonzo Robert Private 83804 2/8th Bn.
AULT William Private 22789 9th Bn.
AUST Harry Frederick Private 9470 2nd Bn.
AUSTIN Herbert Private 109102 1st Bn.
AUSTIN Ralph Private 70213 15th Bn.
AUSTIN Thomas Samuel Private 70999 9th Bn.
AUSTIN (WW2) William Lance Corporal 6456870 2nd Bn.
AVENEL-EVANS (WW2) Norbert Askew Captain 124245 9th Bn.
AVERRE Alfred Norman Lance Corporal 331733 15th Bn.
AVERY Harry Sergeant 241117 2/6th Bn.
AVIS Harry John Sergeant 73000 11th Bn.
AXHORN Ernest Private 80019 1st Bn.
AYLOTT Frederick Sydney Private 103472 10th Bn.
AYTO John Henry Lance Corporal 305830 2/8th Bn.