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Surname Forename Rank Awards Service No. Battalion
COXALL John Private 27426 16th Bn.
COXON C S Private 52898 10th Bn.
COXON William Harold Private 93828 6th Bn.
COXON William Hugh Second Lieutenant 3rd Bn.
COY George Private 2664 1/8th Bn.
COY George William Private Military Medal 53405 3rd Bn.
COY J W Private 24987 17th Bn.
COYLE A Private 106725 7th Bn.
CRADDOCK Jonas Private 29218
CRADDOCK William Raymond Private 57423 "D" Coy. 16th Bn.
CRAGG John Thomas Private 49386 1st Bn.
CRAIG A L Private 14418 10th Bn.
CRAIG Joseph Private 97343 2/5th Bn.
CRAM C Private 23794 15th Bn.
CRAMPTON Charles Private 3000 1/8th Bn.
CRANE George Corporal 23859 1st Bn.
CRANE William Edgar Lance Corporal 203040 "B" Coy. 11th Bn.
CRANFIELD W Private 22402 2nd Bn.
CRANMER E R Private 306870 2/8th Bn.
CRANWELL Newman Carr Private 70963 4th Bn.
CRAPPER Walter Private 93798 6th Bn.
CRAWFORD D Private 76124 17th Bn.
CRAWFORD John Russell Second Lieutenant 13th Bn. attd. 9th Bn.
CRAWFORD T B Private 70871 9th Bn.
CRAWLEY Albert Edward Private 71084 17th Bn.
CRAWLEY Charles William Sergeant Distinguished Conduct Medal 208 1/7th Bn.
CRAWLEY John George Private 102533 2/5th Bn.
CRAY Albert Riley Private 72293 10th Bn.
CREAMER James William Lance Corporal 306440 1st/3th Bn.
CREARY William Private 27379 17th Bn.
CREASE Thomas Mcbeath Private 10071 1st Bn.
CREE Charles Edward Victor Lieutenant 6th Bn.
CREE J T Private 49387 1st Bn.
CREIGHTON P Private 235065 19th Bn.
CREIGHTON Sydney Raymond Private 103324 15th Bn.
CRELLIN William Anderson W. Lieutenant Colonel Distinguished Service Order and Bar 15th Bn.
CRESSWELL Albert Edward Private 27040 "C" Coy. 9th Bn.
CRESSWELL Arthur Private 2389 5th Bn.
CRESSWELL David Private 22099 17th Bn.
CRESSWELL Edward Private 5282 1/7th Bn.
CRESSWELL Herbert Private 28009 2/5th Bn.
CRESSWELL Joseph Private 2325 Depot
CRESSWELL Leonard Lance Corporal 26629 19th Bn.
CRESSWELL Samuel Private 201357 1/5th Bn.
CRESWICK T E Private 14353 10th Bn.
CRICH H Private 18500 3rd Bn.
CRICK John Private 96001 10th Bn.
CRICK Robert Private 268809 2/7th Bn.
CRINAGE Edgar Herbert Private 25956 17th Bn.
CRINAGE J Private 3402 2nd Bn.
CRIPPS Charles Henry Private 307257 2/8th Bn.
CRIPWELL William Private 71304 15th Bn.
CRITCHLOW Henry Private 21110 4th Bn.
CROCKETT Joseph Private 20317 1st Garrison Bn.
CROCKFORD Frederick Charles Private 103360 10th Bn.
CROCKFORD George Lance Corporal 11561 1st Bn.
CROFT Albert Bertie Corporal 109177 15th Bn.
CROFT Charles Thomas Private 41472 17th Bn.
CROFT F Private 29346 17th Bn.
CROFTS Frederick Charles Lance Sergeant 14564 10th Bn.
CROFTS Henry Sergeant 24505 15th Bn.
CROFTS John Henry Private 203670 1/5th Bn.
CROGGON Josiah Fenwick Sibree Captain 14th Bn. attd. 10th Bn.
CROMPTON J A Private 3768 6th Bn.
CRONIN Richard Private 71852 11th Bn.
CROOKES W Private 93587 1st Bn.
CROOKS Clarence Reginald Private 27764 "C" Coy. 7th Bn.
CROOKS E Private 19796 1st Bn.
CROOKS Frank Private 22223 2/7th Bn.
CROOM H Private 13882 1st Bn.
CROPPER G Private 18490 1st Bn.
CROSBY Alfred Trevor Private 17657 1st Bn.
CROSBY F H Private 268527 1st Bn.
CROSHER William Joseph Lance Corporal 71653 2nd Bn.
CROSS Albert Strange Private 56454 10th Bn.
CROSS E Private 306071 1/8th Bn.
CROSS H B Lance Corporal 265313 1/7th Bn.
CROSS John Private 26697 16th Bn.
CROSS Reginald Arthur Private 103282 15th Bn.
CROSS S Lance Corporal 203386 2nd Bn.
CROSS W G Private 307215 2/5th Bn.
CROSS William Edward Private 54501 10th Bn.
CROSSDALE Arthur Lance Corporal 18959 10th Bn.
CROSSLAND H Private 70128 16th Bn.
CROSSLAND W Private 19724 10th Bn.
CROSSLAND W Private 18045 2/6th Bn.
CROSSLEY Fred Private 82104 9th Bn.
CROUCH Fred Private 14078 2nd Bn.
CROUCHER C Second Lieutenant 6th Bn.
CROUCHER George Private 23083 9th Bn.
CROW Francis Edwin Private 102301 15th Bn.
CROWDER Charles William Sergeant 10876 2nd Bn.
CROWDER E Private 1913 2nd Bn.
CROWDER John Henry Private 1652 6th Bn.
CROWDER L Lance Corporal 25801 16th Bn.
CROWDER William Private 71790 11th Bn.
CROWE Charles Private 268762 2nd Bn.
CROWE J Private 20919 2nd Bn.
CROWLE Horace Private 103065 2/6th Bn.
CROWSON J W Private 26466 16th Bn.
CROWSON Walter Lance Corporal 10449 1st Bn.