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Casualty Roll in Chronological Order
June 1915



Tuesday 1st June 1915

1/5th Bn. Private, 1764, Arthur Cheshire
1/7th Bn. Lance Corporal, 2440, Thomas Anthony Kerry

Wednesday 2nd June 1915

1/5th Bn. Private, 2266, Frederick Arthur Shipley

Thursday 3rd June 1915

1/5th Bn. Private, 2001, Cecil John Fletcher
1/6th Bn. Corporal, 351, Samuel Henstock
1/6th Bn. Second Lieutenant, James Phillip Sidney Streatfeild

Friday 4th June 1915

1/6th Bn. Private, 3205, George Henry Fell

Saturday 5th June 1915

1/8th Bn. Private, 959, Ralph Mills

Sunday 6th June 1915

2nd Bn. Private, 6193, John Hart
1/6th Bn. Private, 2140, Robert Ball
1/8th Bn. Private, 2274, Tom Massey
1/8th Bn. Captain, Henry Gordon Wright

Monday 7th June 1915

1/6th Bn. Private, 2051,Walter Houghton

Tuesday 8th June 1915

1st Bn. Corporal, 10875, H. A. Cottie
1st/5th Bn. Corporal, 681,S. Annable
1st/7th Bn. Private, 2156, H. Prior

Wednesday 9th June 1915

2nd Bn. Private, 9873, J. Dowd
1/6th Bn. Private, 2595, C. Cooper
1st/7th Bn. Private, 2551, Charles Henry Curran

Thursday 10th June 1915

1st/5th Bn. Private, 2074, G. A. Stapleton

Friday 11th June 1915

1st Bn. Private, 11559, G. Bradley
1st Bn. Private, 12530, Joseph Ridgard
2nd Bn. Private, 4837, Reginald A. W. Nevill
3rd (Reserve) Bn. Private, 21638, T. Thrall
1st/7th Bn. Private, 1225, Ernest Scoffield

Saturday 12th June 1915

1st Bn. Private, 10464, Thomas Needham
1/8th Bn. Private, 2344, Frank Paling

Sunday 13th June 1915

2nd Bn. Lance Corporal, 12273, Arthur William Allen
1/6th Bn. Private,2296, James F. Hart

Monday 14th June 1915

2nd Bn. Lieutenant,Cecil Gordon Salmon
1/8th Bn. Corporal, 2165, Charles James Jerram Wilson
9th Bn. Private, 22511, E. Calton

Tuesday 15th June 1915

2nd Bn. Private, 3933, W. Betts
2nd Bn. Private, 17317, Charles Hall
1/6th Bn. Private, 241, William John Finney
1/7th Bn. Lieutenant, Arthur Montagu Williams
1/8th Bn. Private, 2585, Albert Edward Armitage
1/8th Bn. Private, 1199, Oliver Leslie Bryan
1/8th Bn. Private, 950, Alfred Cook
1/8th Bn. Private, 2421,Bertie Cox
1/8th Bn. Lieutenant, Alfred Frederic Ottobine Dobson
1/8th Bn. Private, 2410, Frank Hill
1/8th Bn. Second Lieutenant,William Humphrey Hollins
1/8th Bn. Private, 2553, Percy William Arthur,May
1/8th Bn. Private, 956, R. W. Moakes
1/8th Bn. Private, 2460,William Richardson
1/8th Bn. Corporal, 767, Frank Wilcox

Wednesday 16th June 1915

1/5th Bn. Private, 694, Thomas Lewis Barton
1/5th Bn. Private, 2321, Michael Leslie Tunnicliffe
1/8th Bn. Private, 1743, G. Richardson
15th Bn. Private, 24034, C. H. Brooks

Thursday 17th June 1915

2nd Bn. Private,15250, Matthew Hopkins
1/6th Bn. Private,708, Arthur Edward Atterbury

Friday 18th June 1915

1st Bn. Private, 11693, T. W. Goatman
1/7th Bn. Sergeant, 218, Percy Taylor

Saturday 19th June 1915

1st Bn. Private, 15306, T. E. Clarke
1st Bn. Corporal, 11170, T. Cunningham
1st Bn. Lance Corporal, 10227, F. S. Fentem
1st Bn. Private, 13499, W. Hughes
1st Bn. Private, 7257, S. Jackson
1st Bn. Private,6862, J. Morris
1st Bn. Private, 11433, James Smith

Sunday 20th June 1915

1st Bn. Private,11165,Frank,Thraves
Unknown Lieutenant, John Vincent Earle

Wednesday 23rd June 1915

1/5th Bn. Private, 1643, George Wynne

Thursday 24th June 1915

1st Bn. Lieutenant, Richard Burton
1st Bn. Private, 5122, F. H. Horobin
1/8th Bn. Private, 2797,William Henry Hird

Friday 25th June 1915

1/7th Bn. Private, 2862, G. Porter

Saturday 26th June 1915

1/5th Battalion at Sanctuary Wood, Belgium, rebuilding dugouts when a bursting German shell killed 7 and wounded 12 others.
1/5th Bn. Private, 2481, Cyril Duro
1/5th Bn. Private, 2499, D. H. Francis
1/5th Bn. Private, 1399, Harry Harvey
1/5th Bn. Sergeant,79, Ralph Ecob Hayes
1/5th Bn. Private, 2565, William Albert Humber
1/5th Bn. Private, 2507, T. Percy Matthews
1/5th Bn. Private,1473, Albert Maurice Thompson

Sunday 27th June 1915

2nd Bn. Private, 10802, G. Bramley
1/8th Bn. Lance Corporal, 2043, J. Churm
1/8th Bn. Private, 1579, Fred Edwards
1/8th Bn. Private, 1095,C. E. Stones

Monday 28th June 1915

1/6th Bn. Private, 3287, Tom Edgar Bennett

Tuesday 29th June 1915

1/6th Bn. Lance Corporal, 1565, S. B. Liddiard