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Casualty Roll in Chronological Order
September 1915



Wednesday 1st September 1915

1/7th Bn. Private, 3238, Arthur Gervase Daft
9th Bn. Private, 12571, H. Chanter
9th Bn. Private, 13161, Charles Perrin

Thursday 2nd September 1915

1/7th Bn. Private, 2485, Dennis Bamford
9th Bn. Private, 13027, Edgar Moorcroft
10th Bn. Private, 14506, William Raisin

Friday 3rd September 1915

1/8th Bn. Private, 2012, H. Key

Saturday 4th September 1915

9th Bn. Private, 12903, Thomas Mallinder
10th Bn. Private, 14418, A. L. Craig

Sunday 5th September 1915

14th (Reserve) Bn. Quartermaster Sergeant, 7784, Joseph Corthorn

Monday 6th September 1915

1/7th Bn. Private, 1736, William Green
1/7th Bn. Private, 1561, George Thomas Peach
9th Bn. Private, 13322, Joseph Bowler
9th Bn. Private, 21279, F. W. Hodgkiss

Tuesday 7th September 1915

2nd Bn. Private, 13626,A. C. Chandler
2nd Bn. Second Lieutenant, Frederick Arthur Martin
1/7th Bn. Private, 3337, Robert Hardy

Wednesday 8th September 1915

1/5th Bn. Private, 1908, C. Geeson
1/6th Bn. Private, 2007, C. T. Whittaker
1/7th Bn. Lance Corporal, 1791, G. Cooke
9th Bn. Private, 12615, G. Luntley
10th Bn. Second Lieutenant, John Hutcheson

Thursday 9th September 1915

1/7th Bn. Private, 3437, J. A. Harris

Friday 10th September 1915

2nd Bn. Private, 11988, William Martin
3rd (Reserve) Bn Private, 6046, M. Mcdonald
1/8th Bn. Private, 2643, Leonard Smith
9th Bn. Private, 12704, G. Ball

Sunday 12th September 1915

1/5th Bn. Private, 2226,J. Newbury
1/8th Bn. Private, 2949, A. Wesson

Monday 13th September 1915

9th Bn. Private, 21261, J H. Edgson
10th Bn. Major, Arthur Webster Young
11th Bn. Private, 17991, J. Tinsley

Tuesday 14th September 1915

9th Bn. Private, 13272, J. Mills
Unknown Private, 1967, J. W. Pierrepont

Wednesday 15th September 1915

9th Bn. Private, 12779, R. C. Britland
10th Bn. Private, 17398, A. J. Mann

Thursday 16th September 1915

1/8th Bn. Private, 3383, William Thomas Marshall
9th Bn. Private, 12988, A. Howitt

Friday 17th September 1915

1/6th Bn. Private, 3161, W. Bates

Saturday 18th September 1915

1st Bn, Private, 3793, H. Pollard
2nd Bn. Private, 3598, A. Gibbons
2nd Bn. Private, 2037, J,Wrench
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Company Sergeant Major, 7363, William James Rogers
17th Bn. Private, 27381, Herbert Buxton

Sunday 19th September 1915

1st Bn. Lance Sergeant, 10991, J. H. Blake
1/6th Bn. Private, 1900, W. Clarke
1/6th Bn. Private, 2097, R. Ellis
1/6th Bn. Sergeant, 2344, John Mcbride
1/6th Bn. Private, 1890, John Henry Roberts
1/8th Bn. Private, 2656, George William Barker

Monday 20th September 1915

2nd Bn. Private, 9135, W. Logan
2nd Bn. Corporal, 3275, F. Mellor

Tuesday 21st September 1915

1st Bn. Lance Corporal, 20717, Sidney John Kirk
1/6th Bn. Private, 2881, H. Bagshaw

Wednesday 22nd September 1915

2nd Bn. Private, 7359, G. H. Farmer
1/7th Bn. Private, 1579, W. H. Lindley
9th Bn. Private, 17824, George Henry Hudson
11th Bn. Private,16778, E. Jacklin
Unknown Private, 6319,I saac Eatherington

Thursday 23rd September 1915

2nd Bn. Private, 6835,T. Robinson
1/5th Bn. Private, 2596, F. Harrison

Friday 24th September 1915

1st Bn. Private, 6006, John Butler
1st Bn. Private, 3900, Samuel Froggatt
1st Bn. Private, 11595, John Isaac Jenkinson
2nd Bn. Lance Corporal, 10976, Thomas Allen
2nd Bn. Private, 18939, Charles Chapman
2nd Bn. Lance Corporal, 12249, E. Jepson
2nd Bn. Private, 17685, J. W. H. Marriott
2nd Bn. Private, 9839, Alfred Edward Milne
1/5th Bn. Private, 2971, George Thomas Harrison
9th Bn. Private, 12570, A. C. Willies

Saturday 25th September 1915

2nd Bn. Private, 20635, W. T. Davison
1/6th Bn. Second Lieutenant,William Leonard Brown
1/8th Bn. Private, 2383, Leonard Hayes
1/8th Bn. Lance Corporal, 3136, T. Humphrey
9th Bn. Private, 12986, Arthur Francis Chatterton
10th Bn. Private, 14855, Harry Chapman
10th Bn. Private, 14853, Henry Thomas Cooper
10th Bn. Private, 14206, Albert Smith
10th Bn. Private, 17205,Thomas Roland Spencer
10th Bn. Private,17125, Arthur Turner
10th Bn. Corporal, 15166, Harry Wheatley
11th Bn. Private, 16194, G. Ball
11th Bn. Private, 21780, A. Bills
11th Bn. Private, 15577, W. Clarke
11th Bn. Private, 16774, William Henry Davis
11th Bn. Private, 16269, Robert Cooper Eberline Newton

Sunday 26th September 1915

1/5th Bn. Private, 2175, G. F. Slater
1/6th Bn. Lance Corporal, 1456, John Aubrey Cyril Kersey
10th Bn. Private, 20129, E. Bowman
10th Bn. Lance Corporal, 17246, R. L. Williams
12th Battalion advanced in reserve of attack on Vendin-Le-Vieil and reached the Loos-Hulluch Road.
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 15150, Richard John Barton
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 20652, Charles Brett
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Corporal, 16676, Walker Clark
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 16732, William H. M. Guy
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 14463, George Edgar Hall
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Company Quartermaster Sergeant, 7443, William Packer
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 17760, Zachariah Male Roberts
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 14715, George Ryles
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 15603, Samuel Weston

Monday 27th September 1915

1/8th Bn. Private, 2191, Richard Francis Gray

Tuesday 28th September 1915

2nd Bn. Private,7 237, George Dixon
9th Bn. Private, 13557, Christopher Goodband
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Major, Wyndham Harold Dickins

Wednesday 29th September 1915

1/6th Bn. Private, 1557, Leonard Bagshaw
1/8th Bn. Private, 2228, John William Newton

Thursday 30th September 1915

3rd (Reserve) Bn. Private, 24245, Arthur Shore
1/6th Battalion holding the line near Ouderdom, Belgium when the Germans exploded a mine under Trench 29 and right of Angle Trench.
1/6th Bn. Lance Corporal, 1400, George Bailey
1/6th Bn. Private, 1812, James Bradley
1/6th Bn. Private, 2524, Charles Carter
1/6th Bn. Private, 2152, Harold Chapman
1/6th Bn. Private, 2276, T. Darcy
1/6th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Lewis George Dickinson
1/6th Bn. Private, 2288, T.Oscar F. Goodwin
1/6th Bn. Lance Corporal, 1953, Arthur Harding
1/6th Bn. Private, 1437, A. Hollingshead
1/6th Bn. Private,1785, Frederick Cecil Hooley
1/6th Bn. Private,1892, G. Partridge
1/6th Bn. Private,3561, Albert Roberts
1/6th Bn. Private,3159, Charles Roberts
1/6th Bn. Corporal,2481, John Thompson
1/6th Bn. Private,3550, James Wardle
1/6th Bn. Sergeant,144, William Albert Wibberley
1/6th Bn. Private,1667, Samuel Henry Yates
10th Bn. Private, 14347, William Arthur Howlett
13th (Reserve) Bn. Private, 28829, Samuel Hutchinson North