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Casualty Roll in Chronological Order
August 1916



Tuesday 1st August 1916

11th Bn. Private, 28492, Charles Couzens
17th Battalion in a raid on the German line near Givenchy, France.
17th Bn. Private, 27153, Tom Bramley Allen
17th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Geoffrey Charles Bolton
17th Bn. Sergeant, 27867, W. S. Bridge
17th Bn. Second Lieutenant, F. C. Dennis
17th Bn. Private,28277, John William Elliott
17th Bn. Private,29833, T. J. Everton
17th Bn. Private,28613, L. Foulkes
17th Bn. Lance Corporal, 32061, John Arthur Fowler
17th Bn. Private,14891, Richard James Shaw Granger
17th Bn. Private, 28800, John Hart
17th Bn. Private, 28448, William Hunt
17th Bn. Private, 32620,John Pearson,Jackson
17th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Arthur Hector Allan Langford
17th Bn. Corporal, 29574, Hugh Machin
17th Bn. Private, 27984, Frank Mann
17th Bn. Private, 27813, Robert Osborne
17th Bn. Sergeant, 27582, Charles William Smith
17th Bn. Private, 28046, William Spencer
17th Bn. Private, 19552, John Thomas Ward
17th Bn. Private, 28110, William Wheatley
17th Bn. Lance Corporal, 14382, John Woodward

Wednesday 2nd August 1916

1/6th Bn. Private, 3989, W. Poyser
11th Bn. Lieutenant, Bernard Bond
15th Bn. Private, 37916, William Allington
15th Bn. Second Lieutenant, John Chisholm Machutcheon
17th Bn. Lance Corporal, 32002, W. A. Howie

Thursday 3rd August 1916

1st Bn. Private, 15055, Harry Hunt
17th Bn. Private, 31503, S. Smith
17th Bn. Private, 14819, T. Storer
19th (Reserve)  Bn. Private, 10479, Ernest Mountney
1st Garrison Bn. Private, 29110, J. Gladhall

Friday 4th August 1916

11th Bn. Lieutenant, R. Appleyard
13th (Reserve) Bn. Lance Corporal, 13772, Jack Willetts
17th Bn. Private, 30639, John William Ford
17th Bn. Private, 27398, Frank Taylor

Saturday 5th August 1916

10th Bn. Private, 41390, Edmund French
10th Bn. Private, 38360, Sidney Harold Lammin
10th Bn. Private, 42330, H. H. Smith
11th Bn. Private, 19128, Charles William Carter
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 17206, Fred Wharmby
15th Bn. Private, 24850, Ernest Banks
16th Bn. Private, 26908, Charles Clarke

Sunday 6th August 1916

1/6th Bn. Private, 3007, C. Mccreery
9th Bn. Private, 22845, Thomas Manderfield
9th Bn. Private, 11054, John Henry Scott
10th Battalion heavily shelled by the Germans whilst holding the line at Longueval, France, during the Battle of the Somme.
10th Bn. Private, 14762, Lawrence Burgin
10th Bn. Private, 15056, John Williamson Gilbank
10th Bn. Private, 16865, W. E. Hardy
10th Bn. Private, 9034, Enoch Harris
10th Bn. Private, 24628, Fred Hepworth
10th Bn. Private, 23854, A. Housley
10th Bn. Private, 23199, A,Palmer
10th Bn. Private, 15816, T. Parnham
10th Bn. Private, 37931, Albert Ponsford
10th Bn. Private, 15571, Jesse Reeves
10th Bn. Private, 40085, G. Rose
10th Bn. Private, 30832, L. Toplis
10th Bn. Private, 33951, James Julian Trott
11th Bn. Private, 31246, Charles Derrick Dumas
20th (Labour) Bn. Private, 48772, John Redfearn Fligg

Monday 7th August 1916

2nd Bn. Private, 22163, W. Johnson
2nd Bn. Private, 9298, W. Marriott
1/7th Bn. Private, 3330, Harry Adams
10th Battalion ordered to attack Delville Wood, near Longueval, France during the Battle of the Somme.
10th Bn. Lance Corporal, 20871, Herbert Bee
10th Bn. Private,12321,William,Bourne
10th Bn. Sergeant,14582,B,Brewer
10th Bn. Private,25506,E,Jepson
10th Bn. Lance Corporal,20060,Enoch,Jones
10th Bn. Private,21305,A,Marriott
10th Bn. Private,10530,A,Marvill
10th Bn. Private,14935,Robert Malcolm,Mclachlan
10th Bn. Corporal,17384,Thomas,Phethean
10th Bn. Private,15824,Robert,Pierce
10th Bn. Private,40747,Frank,Rhoades
10th Bn. Private,13540,William Henry,Stokes
10th Bn. Private,43025,Wilfred Ernest,Wright
11th Bn. Corporal,12267,J,Brewin
11th Bn. Private,13734,Arthur,Clayton
11th Bn. Private,14197,F,Jacques
11th Bn. Private,24244,George Ernest,Pollard
17th Bn. Private,26831,C,Lomax
17th Bn. Private,28092,L C,Moult

Tuesday 8th August 1916

1/8th Bn. Private, 4190, J. Burke
9th Bn. Private, 40741, Charles Chapman
9th Bn. Private, 40776, Herbert Coulam
9th Bn. Private, 21849, John Joseph Hudson
9th Bn. Private, 19132, William Richard Wheatley
10th Battalion ordered to repeat the attack on Delville Wood, near Longueval, France during the Battle of the Somme.
10th Bn. Private, 6885, Tom Alvey
10th Bn. Private, 20081, Charles Bradshaw
10th Bn. Private, 12325, E. Brentnall
10th Bn. Private, 21665, James Brusell
10th Bn. Private, 24469, George Henry Clarke
10th Bn. Private, 14844, William Coverley
10th Bn. Private,6265, W. J. Eldridge
10th Bn. Private, 19333, Percy William Fox
10th Bn. Private, 17518, C. H. Lang
10th Bn. Private, 23091, Harold Lee
10th Bn. Private, 31941, John Mosley
10th Bn. Private, 14963, John Short
10th Bn. Private, 14842, George Jackson Spencer
10th Bn. Private, 19697, Edwin Spendlove
10th Bn. Private, 14314, I. A. Tucker
10th Bn. Private, 21737, Isiah Varley
10th Bn. Private, 21133, Thomas W. Walton
16th Bn. Private, 26291, David Davis

Wednesday 9th August 1916

1st Bn. Sergeant, 8737, Patrick Fitzgerald
1st Bn. Private, 11544, Herbert Willis
1st Bn. Private, 15424, Samuel Wilmot
2nd Bn. Private, 17453, C. Banton
2nd Bn. Private, 10432, Thomas Harris
6th Bn. Lance Corporal, 1661, James Ferris
9th Bn. Private, 19800, V. Clarke
9th Bn. Private, 19418, George Davenport
9th Bn. Private, 18956, George Finch
9th Bn. Private, 19677, Colen Hayes
9th Bn. Private, 13542, Samuel Langston
9th Bn. Private, 23987, George Elias Parker
9th Bn. Private, 25793, James Walters
9th Bn. Private, 23398, Abraham Ward
9th Bn. Private, 5009, William Wragg
10th Bn. Private, 33670, Harold James Guest
10th Bn. Private, 41209, C. W. Hall
10th Bn. Private, 14928, William Needham
10th Bn. Private, 14873, Samuel George Pearson
11th Bn. Corporal, 21804, F. Redfern

Thursday 10th August 1916

1st Bn. Private, 11122, G. J. Spiers
11th Bn. Private, 15708, F. Sansom
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 1592, A. J. Berry
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Lance Corporal, 21181, Albert Hewitt
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Corporal, 20180, Edward Reading

Friday 11th August 1916

1st Bn. Private, 14009, J. Bennington
1st Bn. Lance Corporal, 2672, H. S. Smith
1/7th Bn. Private, 3709, Simeon Kent
10th Bn. Private, 40508, H. A. Priestley

Saturday 12th August 1916

1st Bn. Second Lieutenant, Mark Hovell
10th Bn. Sergeant, 6835,Robert,Broome
10th Bn. Private, 43017,James William,Gillings
10th Bn. Private, 38154, Charles A Harrison
10th Bn. Private, 11066, E. A. Hoare
10th Bn. Private 14887, Ernest William Johnson
10th Bn. Private, 19330, John William Keeling
10th Bn. Private, 25658, Frank Kinnerley
10th Bn. Private, 12981, William Kirk
10th Bn. Private, 14867, Harold Marsh
10th Bn. Private, 6013, J. Matthews
10th Bn. Lance Corporal, 25618, Edgar Parker
10th Bn. Private, 23189, James Parkin
10th Bn. Private, 17645, James Roddie
10th Bn. Corporal,14514, J. W. Shaw
10th Bn. Private, 21090, Henry Smedley
10th Bn. Private, 20983,W. Stocks
12th Battalion working on a trench between Trones and Bernafay Woods when hit by German shellfire during the Battle of the Somme.
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 18222, Ernest Purdy
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 16856, Charles Taylor

Sunday 13th August 1916

1st Bn. Private, 1937, E. A. Allitt
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Lance Sergeant, 16492, S. Clarke
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 15891, Vincent Cooke
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 14695, John Thomas Hallam
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 14341, J. Millward
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 21567, John Thomas Pickard
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 15907, T. Redfern
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 21344, William Waring

Monday 14th August 1916

12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 17215, Sam Marsden
19th (Reserve) Bn. Private, 43705, R. Beere

Tuesday 15th August 1916

10th Bn. Private, 41930, William Henry Stevenson
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 17813, Henry Lennox
15th Bn. Private, 24221, Henry Hutchinson

Wednesday 16th August 1916

12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 20674, L. Maltby

Thursday 17th August 1916

15th Bn. Corporal, 23972, Jesse Wilton

Friday 18th August 1916

12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 17187, Charles Miller

Saturday 19th August 1916

1/5th Bn. Private, 4861, J. Elliott
1/6th Bn. Private, 4443, Thomas Stoppard
11th Bn. Lance Corporal, 19149, William Edwin Marshall
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 22221, F. Wallace

Sunday 20th August 1916

1/7th Bn. Second Lieutenant,Thomas George Inglesant
9th Bn. Private, 6157, W. Bunting
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Sergeant, 15077, H. Peel

Monday 21st August 1916

1st Bn. Private, 13939, William Mason
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Second Lieutenant, B. S. Carty

Tuesday 22nd August 1916

1st Bn. Captain, Charles Seccombe Craufurd Kennedy
11th Bn. Private, 43454, Allan Jackson
11th Bn. Private, 16403, Albert Stevenson

Wednesday 23rd August 1916

2nd Bn. Private, 21293, F. Allsopp
2nd Bn. Private, 20634, T. Foulds
2nd Bn. Private, 13463, A. Woodward
1/6th Bn. Private, 3683, John Arthur Andrews
10th Bn. Private, 20701, C. P. Barnes
15th Battalion heavily shelled whilst occupying Maltz Horn Trench, during the Battle of the Somme.
15th Bn. Private, 24213, John,Bates
15th Bn. Private, 25130, S,Bridge
15th Bn. Private, 25228, John William (Tuff),Brown
15th Bn. Sergeant, 24505, Henry Crofts
15th Bn. Second Lieutenant, A. Gabriel
15th Bn. Private, 25602, Joseph Gregory
15th Bn. Private, 24254, Andrew Gretton
15th Bn. Private, 24891, John Jordan
15th Bn. Private, 35177, Joseph Pyne
15th Bn. Private, 35397, J. Rice
15th Bn. Corporal, 23630, J. Sanderson
15th Bn. Private, 37911, C. Siddons
15th Bn. Private, 37919, George Smith
15th Bn. Private, 24510, Charles W. H. Swift
15th Bn. Private, 24437, Benjamin Timmins

Thursday 24th August 1916

1/5th Bn. Corporal, 3944, Robert William Edward Johnson
1st Garrison Bn. Private, 20317, J. Crockett

Friday 25th August 1916

4th (Extra Reserve) Bn Private, 51953, James Ladds
11th Private, 25062, J. Foy
12th (Pioneer) Bn Private, 16053, J. Thompson
15th Private, 31446, A. Lowe

Saturday 26th August 1916

2nd Bn. Private, 10843, A. Beresford
2nd Bn. Private, 4187, A. W. Salisbury
2nd Bn. Private, 5083, E. F. Smith
2nd Bn. Private, 4187, W. Smith
10th Bn. Private, 21385, Edgar William Fox

Monday 28th August 1916

1st Bn. Private, 4861, G. A. Clarke
1st Bn. Private, 3635, W. Walters

Tuesday 29th August 1916

1st Bn. Private, 13794, L. Reynolds
2nd Bn. Private, 9181, George Bagshaw

Wednesday 30th August 1916

1st Bn. Private, 35505, Lewis Willard Peat
1/6th Bn. Private, 2160, William Hallows

Thursday 31st August 1916

1st Bn. Private, 3623, William Henry Davis
15th Bn. Private, 24195, J. Beardmore
15th Bn. Lance Corporal, 25448, Tom Bignall
15th Bn. Private, 25097, Frank Sutcliffe