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Casualty Roll in Chronological Order
March 1916



Wednesday 1st March 1916

Unknown Private, 4396, C. W. Carr

Thursday 2nd March 1916

3rd (Reserve) Bn Second Lieutenant, Wilfrid Herbert Marshall North-Cox
1/5th Bn. Lance Corporal, 203321, Harold Cecil Caulton

Friday 3rd March 1916

2nd Bn. Private, 22782, Thomas Matthew Wood
1/5th Bn. Private, 2193, R. Stone
10th Battalion ordered to attack German lines near Chester Farm south east of Ypres.
10th Bn. Private, 20437, John Bale
10th Bn. Private, 14999, Harry Brown
10th Bn. Private, 27258, Thomas Brown
10th Bn. Private, 14294, W. J. Brudenell
10th Bn. Private, 18962, Fred Bryan
10th Bn. Private, 26846, Albert Chapman
10th Bn. Private, 19721, T. H. Childs
10th Bn. Private, 19049, John Henry Dennis
10th Bn. Private, 20490, Roland Goodwin
10th Bn. Private, 20820, Walter Ernest Gray
10th Bn. Private, 20105, A. Knox
10th Bn. Private, 20574, George Lane
10th Bn. Private, 19382, Francis Morgan
10th Bn. Lance Corporal, 14002, Hubert Petts
10th Bn. Private, 14486, George Stevenson
10th Bn. Private, 28053, Joseph Henry Stringfellow
10th Bn. Sergeant, 14299, Joseph Walker
10th Bn. Private, 20455, W. Wilkins
10th Bn. Private, 20267, Henry Wilson
10th Bn. Private, 21568, William E. Wilson
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 21119, Frank Rosevear
14th (Reserve) Bn. Private, 33887, Harry Leason

Saturday 4th March 1916

10th Bn. Private, 19159, Henry Serpell

Sunday 5th March 1916

19th (Reserve)  Bn. Lieutenant,William Edwin Upton

Monday 6th March 1916

16th and 17th Battalion land at Le Havre, France.
10th Bn. Private, 14454, Joseph Richard Barks

Tuesday 7th March 1916

10th Bn. Private, 28313, Harry Haywood
18th Bn. Private, 28771, J. Doggett

Wednesday 8th March 1916

2nd Bn. Private, 21876, Clifford Henry Deavin
2nd Bn. Private, 21459, John Smitheman
11th Bn. Lance Corporal, 17962, A. H. Sheasby

Thursday 9th March 1916

2nd Bn. Corporal, 23222, Percy Pillmore
2nd Bn. Private, 11904, J. Redfern

Friday 10th March 1916

2nd Bn. Sergeant, 9234, G. H. F. Vine
3rd (Reserve) Bn. Private, 36611, J. P. Street
1/7th Bn. Lance Corporal, 3527, G. Buswell

Saturday 11th March 1916

10th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Arthur Fletcher Bentley
11th Bn. Private, 15841, Jesse Spinks

Sunday 12th March 1916

2nd Bn. Private, 25673, A. E. Alldridge
1/6th Bn. Private, 1911, G. A. Bailey
1/6th Bn. Private, 3339, Albert Edward Renshaw
1/6th Bn. Lance Corporal, 2138, Alfred Arnold Simpson
10th Bn. Private, 14519, R. Higham
10th Bn. Private, 19226, James Winterbottom

Monday 13th March 1916

2nd Bn. Private, 22829, O. Broughton
2nd Bn. Private, 14816, Albert Edward Poynter
2nd Bn. Private, 20997, W. Smith
3rd (Reserve) Bn. Private, 36529, W. Rogers

Thursday 16th March 1916

1/5th Bn. Lance Corporal, 3854, G. E. Linacre
11th Bn. Private, 15550, J. Bradder

Friday 17th March 1916

10th Bn. Private, 15540, W. Chantry

Sunday 19th March 1916

1/6th Bn. Private, 3140, George Taylor

Monday 20th March 1916

1/8th Bn. Private, 4406, Joseph Evans

Tuesday 21st March 1916

2/7th Bn. Corporal, 265286, Albert Brindley
1/8th Bn. Private, 3004, F. Footitt

Wednesday 22nd March 1916

12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 16576, H. Pridmore

Thursday 23rd March 1916

1st Bn. Private, 11370, Charles Snoxell
1/5th Bn. Private, 4237, George Cowley
17th Bn. Private, 28580, Lawrence Hartshorn

Saturday 25th March 1916

1/5th Battalion in the line near Mont St. Eloi, North of Arras when the Germans exploded a mine under the front line. There was subsequently a battle to take then retake the crater.
1/5th Bn. Captain,Stewart John Aldous
1/5th Bn. Private, 4003, A Brown
1/5th Bn. Private,1944, Arthur Compton
1/5th Bn. Private, 2560, Frederick Corden
1/5th Bn. Private, 4700, Albert Dean
1/5th Bn. Lance Corporal, 592, Nathan Earl
1/5th Bn. Sergeant, 2997, W. Hyde
1/5th Bn. Private, 3252, Thomas Albert Kniveton
1/5th Bn. Private, 3372, Jack Edward Orme
1/5th Bn. Private, 2121,Frederick William Rainbow
1/5th Bn. Private, 4040,Thomas Swain
1/5th Bn. Private, 3931, Harry Smith
1/5th Bn. Private, 4009, William Whitmore
1/7th Bn. Private, 2978, E. Moir
1/8th Bn. Private, 2061, Edwin Gilbert
1st Garrison Bn Private, 33180, S. A. Cartlidge

Sunday 26th March 1916

1/7th Bn. Lance Corporal, 3543, J. May

Monday 27th March 1916

1/5th Bn. Private, 4061, H. I. Eyre
1/5th Bn. Private, 2173, Joseph Henry Seale
1/7th Bn. Private, 4919, J. Maxwell
1/7th Bn. Private, 2605, Charles Frederick Tooms

Tuesday 28th March 1916

1/5th Bn. Private, 4608, G. H. Alton
1/5th Bn. Lance Corporal, 2463, S. Pass
1/8th Bn. Private, 2275, Charles Ernest Ellis

Wednesday 29th March 1916

1st Bn. Private, 11508, W. Robey
Unknown Private, 5471, Louis Aldred

Thursday 30th March 1916

1/6th Bn Private, 2448, Hilary Carlin
1/7th Bn. Private, 3240, Herbert Bert Lee
3/8th Bn. Private, 4373, L. Holmes
15th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Samuel Ernest Bridgwater

Friday 31st March 1916

4th (Extra Reserve) Bn. Private, 20168, G. Rose