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Casualty Roll in Chronological Order
December 1917



Saturday 1st December 1917

2/6th Battalion involved in the German attack at La Vacquerie, France during the Battle of Cambrai.
2/6th Bn. Sergeant, 241117, Harry Avery
2/6th Bn. Private, 36042, Harry Bodell
2/6th Bn. Private, 14900, William Wingfield Curzon
2/6th Bn. Private, 241389, John Henry,Davies
2/6th Bn. Private, 2922, Frank,Edwards
2/6th Bn. Private, 204508, George,Frost
2/6th Bn. Private, 242046, Josiah Charles,Holman
2/6th Bn. Private, 24670, Henry,Martin
2/6th Bn. Company Sergeant Major, 240039, Harry,Slack
2/6th Bn. Private, 240601, John William,Twigge
2/6th Bn. Private, 241994, George,Wallhead
2/6th Bn. Private, 96075, Thomas,Warburton
2/6th Bn. Private, 241882, Walter John,Willmoth
15th Bn. Private, 28577, G. Maddock

Sunday 2nd December 1917

6th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Harry Herbert Hall
2/6th Bn. Private, 96080, Arthur Brown
2/6th Bn. Corporal,17230,S,Davey
2/6th Bn. Private, 242104,Thomas,Dougherty
2/6th Bn. Private, 242031,Stanley,Edwards
2/6th Bn. Private, 306314,James Arthur,Godber
2/6th Bn. Private, 25452,George,Gouldin
2/6th Bn. Corporal, 241909,Edward,Haggitt
2/6th Bn. Private, 242283,Joseph,Hall
2/6th Bn. Private, 81985,John Henry,Hollis
2/6th Bn. Private, 242307,Arthur,Page
2/6th Bn. Private,241926,Sidney,Robinson
2/6th Bn. Private,241791,Haslam,Sellors
2/6th Bn. Private,268511,B,Sharpe
2/6th Bn. Private,242095,William,Shreeves
2/6th Bn. Private,241249,B,Stamps
2/6th Bn. Private,242069,Walter James,Weedall
2/7th Bn. Private,265636,W C,Bell
2/7th Bn. Private,16227,H G,Brandon
2/7th Bn. Private,18696,Richard,Stancill
2/7th Bn. Private,266864,Cyril Herbert,Staniforth
2/7th Bn. Private,202090,A A,Yeomans

Monday 3rd December 1917

9th Bn. Private,70037,Frank,Robinson

Tuesday 4th December 1917

9th Bn. Private, 25843, Charles Edward Gilbert
9th Bn. Sergeant, 71075, J. Potts
Unknown Captain, Anthony Dalzell Clark

Wednesday 5th December 1917

2/5th Bn. Private, 201938, Albert Victor Borrington
2/5th Bn. Private, 201983, Fred Woolley
2/7th Bn. Private, 70773, W. H. Bell
2/7th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Mark Walter Hall
2/7th Bn. Sergeant, 6811, Joseph Henry Newman

Thursday 6th December 1917

2nd Bn. Private, 22459, E. Bell
2/5th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Noel Bower Jackson
2/5th Bn. Captain, William Swan
2/7th Bn. Private, 266861,Harold Barker
2/7th Bn. Private, 235198,Victor Robert George Carter
2/7th Bn. Private, 73464, Edward Cooke
2/7th Bn. Private, 26712, Percy Cordon
2/7th Bn. Private, 22223, Frank Crooks
2/7th Bn. Private, 268015, Herbert Davis
2/7th Bn. Lance Corporal, 265883, Bertie Mark Limb
2/7th Bn. Lance Corporal, 265676, Harold Sydney Shaw
2/7th Bn. Private, 267789, Wilfred S. Smith
2/7th Bn. Private, 45348, Horace Webster
2/7th Bn. Private, 242384, Charles Westoby
2/7th Bn. Private, 266875, Harold Wheatley
2/7th Bn. Private, 16591, Joseph Arthur Wilson
7th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Archibald Harry Popplestone
1/8th Bn. Private, 71252, James W. Palmer
9th Bn. Private, 27562, William Hoole

Friday 7th December 1917

1st Bn. Private, 18618, George Colley
2/5th Bn. Lance Corporal, 6281, John Bend
2/5th Bn. Private, 5187, E. W. Riley
1/7th Bn. Lance Corporal, 265296, George Sheard
2/7th Bn. Lance Corporal, 267287, J. R. Cowling
7th Bn. Private, 72894, J. G. Mott

Saturday 8th December 1917

2nd Bn. Lance Corporal, 4519, H. Hutchinson
1/6th Bn. Private, 241199, Frank Nicholls
2/6th Bn. Private, 242321, E. Summers
2/6th Bn. Private, 242026, H. West
2/7th Bn. Lance Corporal, 15035,S ydney Cason
2/7th Bn. Company Sergeant Major, 5852, W. S. Twidale
2/7th Bn.

Private, 266515, P. Whitehouse

9th Bn. Private, 204512, Harry Letts

Sunday 9th December 1917

2/7th Bn. Private, 265258, A. Lowe
1/8th Bn. Lance Corporal,305800, A. Dean
2/8th Bn. Corporal, 306255, G. Vickers
11th Bn. Lieutenant, George Herbert Lee Stones

Monday 10th December 1917

2/7th Bn. Private, 268758, William Clarke

Tuesday 11th December 1917

2nd Bn. Captain, Arthur Beuzeville Byles
2nd Bn. Private, 9452, F. Newton
1/5th Bn. Lance Sergeant, 200371, William Edward Burton
1/5th Bn. Lance Corporal, 201674, Richard Cartwright
1/5th Bn. Corporal, 200324, Harold Dunnicliffe
2/6th Bn. Private, 242230, Maurice Victor Cousins
1/8th Bn. Private, 306495, H. Moult
2/8th Bn. Private, 203845, A. Naden
9th Bn. Private, 92254, T. J. Adley
11th Bn. Private, 306100, Albert Adwick
11th Bn. Private, 200377, William Henry Worley
15th Bn. Private, 330122, James Donald Whitehouse

Wednesday 12th December 1917

2nd Bn. Private, 73514, G. Canfield
2nd Bn. Corporal, 70410, J. J. Elliott
2nd Bn. Private, 36358, J. Marvill
1/5th Bn. Private, 203670, John Henry Crofts
1/5th Bn. Private, 20119, Charles Henry Newton
2/6th Bn. Private, 240931, T. Wherrett
2/8th Bn. Private, 71915, W. H. Harrison
9th Bn. Private, 28216, W. Brown
9th Bn. Private, 92180, F. Heal
9th Bn. Lance Corporal, 21616, Leonard Whitworth

Thursday 13th December 1917

1/5th Bn. Private,203663,L R,Nilan
2/6th Bn. Private,26963,W,Knowles
9th Bn. Private,86342,Wilfred,Simpson

Friday 14th December 1917

2/5th Bn. Private, 65968, Albert Lamb
2/7th Bn. Private, 267758, Ernest Anderson

Saturday 15th December 1917

2nd Bn. Lance Corporal, 7698, P. Gamble

Sunday 16th December 1917

1/6th Bn. Company Sergeant Major, 4508, Herbert Henry JackmanĀ 
9th Bn. Private, 269322, Cecil Linford Sheppard

Monday 17th December 1917

2/6th Bn. Private, 240753, F. C. Jephson
2/6th Bn. Private, 242020, William Alfred Stevenson
9th Bn. Private, 32746, William Lambert

Tuesday 18th December 1917

2/8th Bn. Private, 204373, G. Allcock
2/8th Bn. Private, 307327, William James Bullock

Wednesday 19th December 1917

17th Bn. Private, 25288, R. Gamble

Thursday 20th December 1917

2nd Bn. Lance Corporal,70673,F,Moore
2nd Bn. Private,12170,T,Stuart
Unknown Company Quartermaster Sergeant, 7241, Frederick, Wilkinson

Friday 21st December 1917

1/8th Bn. Private, 43671, G. Large
2nd/8th Bn. Private, 79106, J. Palfreyman

Saturday 22nd December 1917

1/6th Bn. Private, 240592, Tom Westray Garley
2/7th Bn. Lance Corporal, 265897, Harold Inger
2/7th Bn. Private, 267986, Marshall Stockdale
2/8th Bn. Private, 306323, A. Woodhead

Sunday 23rd December 1917

3rd (Reserve) Bn. Private, 85806, W. H. Dable

Monday 24th December 1917

2nd Bn. Private, 70329, W. T. Daisley
2nd Bn. Private, 61129, W. Evans

Tuesday 25th December 1917

11th Bn. Private, 266418, Edward Oldershaw
1st Garrison Bn. Private, 78099, T. Turner

Wednesday 26th December 1917

1st Bn.

Private, 201915, Ernest Cooper

Thursday 27th December 1917

1/5th Bn. Private, 203654, A. H. Ball

Friday 28th December 1917

1/5th Bn. Private, 201702, John William Walker
15th Bn. Lance Corporal, 25086, James Henry Smith

Saturday 29th December 1917

1st Bn. Private, 269285, R. C. Greaves
10th Bn. Private, 14346, E. Richardson

Sunday 30th December 1917

17th Bn. Private, 78262, John Maurice Wadkin
1st Garrison Bn. Corporal, 20078, J. H. Johnson
1st Garrison Bn. Private, 78110, Ernest Charles Potter
51stĀ  (Graduated) Bn. Private, TR/6/15012, A. Ridgway

Monday 31st December 1917

17th Bn. Sergeant, 22674, John Arthur Beckett
17th Bn. Lance Corporal, 71564, George Haslam
17th Bn. Private, 240441, Arthur Lennon
17th Bn. Private, 31480, Jack Palmer