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Casualty Roll in Chronological Order
June 1918



Saturday 1st June 1918

1st Bn Private, 108838, S. H. Lewis
1st Bn Private, 205447, William Henry Mather

Sunday 2nd June 1918

1st Bn. Private, 107525, J. W. Hart
1/6th Bn. Private, 242392, A. Hall
10th Bn. Private, 20686, R. Pickering
15th Bn. Private, 106779, William Green
15th Bn. Private, 73549, J. Hambrook
15th Bn. Private, 22319, R. Parr

Monday 3rd June 1918

1st Bn. Private, 97920, L. Nixon
1st Bn. Lieutenant, Alexander Straw
2nd Bn. Private, 102182, Henry Van
15th Bn. Private, 242082, Eric William Romeril

Tuesday 4th June 1918

15th Bn. Private, 106813, C. H. Jones
15th Bn. Private, 24708, Albert Ledger

Wednesday 5th June 1918

1st Bn. Lance Corporal, 65902, T. Chambers
1st Bn. Private, 100073, Alexander Robert Hubbard
1st Bn. Private, 26002, Ernest Smalley
6th Bn. Private, 93786, William John Bellis
15th Bn. Private,106859, A. Pardington

Thursday 6th June 1918

1st Bn. Private, 67006, Arthur Gamblin
1st Bn. Private, 18762, Clement Johnson
1st Bn. Private, 268319, J. E. Rigley
1st Bn. Corporal, 97087, Sidney Riley
1st Bn. Private, 6151, G. Ward

Friday 7th June 1918

1/6th Bn. Private ,93793, A. E. Cleaver
9th Bn. Private, 16149, Alfred Bexon
10th Bn. Private, 107682, T. Greaves
10th Bn. Private, 40578, John Henry Parkinson
10th Bn. Private, 74172, Daniel Percival Ratcliffe
10th Bn. Private, 238018, Samuel Albert Say

Saturday 8th June 1918

1/5th Bn. Corporal, 203285, Henry Percy Carr
2/5th Bn. Captain, T. Nadin
10th Bn. Private, 74177, D. W. Richards
10th Bn. Private, 74208, Thomas Harold Street

Sunday 9th June 1918

1st Bn. Sergeant, 205396, David Lewis
1/5th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Arthur Hodson Smith
10th Bn. Private, 103388, A. R. Adams

Monday 10th June 1918

1st Bn. Private, 109079, Albert Tildsley

Tuesday 11th June 1918

2/6th Bn. Private, 13830, A. Sutton
10th Bn. Private, 19744, William Alton
10th Bn. Private, 103455, Frederick Thomas Freeman
10th Bn. Private, 14492, Rupert James Keeling
10th Bn. Private, 14406, T. W. Roe

Wednesday 12th June 1918

1st Bn. Private, 53167, G. H. Smith
2/5th Bn. Private, 260070, Reginald William Randall
11th Bn. Private, 42759, Wesley Jenkins
15th Bn. Private, 72992, Charles Young
1st Garrison Bn. Private, 29289, B. James

Thursday 13th June 1918

1st Bn. Private, 109101, J. A. Sharples
5th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Arthur James Nash

Friday 14th June 1918

15th Bn. Private, 70213, R. Austin

Saturday 15th June 1918

1/8th Bn. Private, 200944, William Henry Baldwin
1/8th Bn. Private, 93785, W. Buckley
9th Bn. Private, 19896, G. Lowe
9th Bn. Lieutenant, Phillip Schur
9th Bn. Private, 72623, George Joshua Smith
11th Battalion occupying front line trenches on Sisto Ridge, Italy, when the Austrians unsuccessfully attacked the British line.
11th Bn. Captain, Edward Harold Brittain
11th Bn. Private, 73086, T. Churn
11th Bn. Private, 93836, Henry Clarence George Cowles
11th Bn. Corporal, 12345, A. Davison
11th Bn. Private ,93627, J. Hancock
11th Bn. Lance Corporal 73210, Charles Frederick Jones
11th Bn. Private, 201409, George Albert Kirkham
16th Bn. Private, 203815, H. Mellors

Sunday 16th June 1918

1st Bn. Private, 100086, Alfred Reed
1/6th Bn. Private, 93871, Thomas Hughes
1/8th Bn. Private, 93567, George Reid Atkinson
1/8th Bn. Private, 306856, Arthur Charles Walter Lover
11th Bn. Private, 307697, Joseph Hunt
11th Bn. Lance Corporal, 18902, W. Oscroft
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 6277, E. Walker

Monday 17th June 1918

1st Bn. Private, 107531, F. Holmes
2nd Bn. Private, 36231, Alfred Edward Hawksworth
10th Bn. Private, 90784, Ernest Hoyle
11th Bn. Lance Corporal, 203040, William Edgar Crane
11th Bn. Private, 204568, John Thomas Pollard
Depot Private, 26705, A. Murphy

Tuesday 18th June 1918

2/5th Bn. Private, 202855, W. Grange
9th Battalion involved in a raid on the German lines near Mazingarbe, France.
9th Bn. Private, 71016, Albert Joseph Eaton
9th Bn. Private, 102699, Robert Edward Charles Fuller
9th Bn. Second Lieutenant, Henry Erris Hudson
9th Bn. Lance Corporal, 5118, G. Hunt
9th Bn. Second Lieutenant,Thomas Richard Burgess Kilner
9th Bn. Lance Corporal,15338, Robert Osborn
9th Bn. Private, 30703, A. Sherrard
9th Bn. Private, 18050, Thomas Tilley

Wednesday 19th June 1918

1/5th Bn. Lance Corporal, 203257 ,John T. Archer
1/5th Bn. Private, 202259, James Robert Trodd
1/5th Bn. Private, 203272, F. Watts
1/6th Bn. Private, 93840, John Robert, De Roche
1/8th Bn. Private, 306485, William Henry Clarke
9th Bn. Private, 17564, Jonathan Smithurst Davey

Friday 21st June 1918

2/6th Bn. Corporal, 241743, Archibald Frank Ashton
15th Bn. Lance Corporal, 331733, A. N. Averre
Unknown Private, 118054, A. Iliffe

Sunday 23rd June 1918

1/8th Bn. Private, 305096, William Tudbury

Monday 24th June 1918

1st Bn. Lance Corporal, 305916, Harry Barlow

Tuesday 25th June 1918

1/5th Bn. Private, 94499, John Price
10th Bn. Private, 204490, H. R. Walter
1st Garrison Bn. Private, 28974, G. Beck

Wednesday 26th June 1918

2/5th Bn. Private, 203171, Fred Clifford
1/6th Bn. Private, 97468, Maurice Horton Marshall

Thursday 27th June 1918

1st Bn. Private, 32058, J. H. Donoghue
7th Bn. Private, 117439, Joseph John Bright
9th Bn. Private, 70950, Ernest Wheatley
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private, 94402, G. A. Tegg

Friday 28th June 1918

15th Bn. Company Quartermaster Sergeant, 15th/24379, Ethelbert Macbean
3rd (Reserve) Bn. Private, 118624, L. Widdowson

Saturday 29th June 1918

2nd Bn. Private, 202673, John Allen
2nd Bn. Private, 72910, John Wyatt
1/8th Bn. Private, 307701, C. J. Rickett
11th Bn. Lance Corporal, 6370, Frederick Bramley
11th Bn. Private, 202607, H. F. Groom
11th Bn. Private, 20070, W. Shephard
11th Bn. Private, 16195, T. Slack
11th Bn. Private, 241365, A. Warren
12th (Pioneer) Bn. Private,18219, J. Rowley

Sunday 30th June 1918

1st Bn. Private, 204637, Frank Burrows Flowers
5th Bn. Private, 118287, H. Streets