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Surname Forename Rank Awards Service No. Battalion
JELFS Job Private 202897 2/5th Bn.
JELLICOE M E Lieutenant 6th Bn
JELLY S Private 230828 16th Bn.
JENKINS Wesley Private 42759 11th Bn.
JENKINSON A Private 44860
JENKINSON Francis Leonard Private 23918 2nd Bn.
JENKINSON George Private 12185 10th Bn.
JENKINSON John Isaac Private 11595 1st Bn.
JENNINGS Alfred Private 67114 1st Bn.
JENNINGS C A Private 73555 15th Bn.
JENNINGS E Corporal 82005 15th Bn.
JENNINGS Frederick Private 241838 2/6th Bn.
JENNINGS William Private 24567 "Z" Coy. 15th Bn.
JENNISON Leonard Private 18541 1st Bn.
JEPHSON F C Private 240753 2/6th Bn.
JEPSON E Private 25506 10th Bn.
JEPSON E Lance Corporal 12249 2nd Bn.
JEPSON John George Private 116572 10th Bn.
JEPSON John Thomas Lance Corporal 305107 2nd Bn.
JEPSON Jonathan Private 20649 12th Bn.
JEPSON W Private 31659 15th Bn.
JEPSON Walter Private 15257 "C" Coy. 11th Bn.
JEPSON William Henry Private 241355 2/6th Bn.
JERRAM Thomas Francis Private 13240 9th Bn.
JERROME F Private 108822 1st Bn.
JESSON Matthew Private 83866 2/8th Bn.
JESSOP H C Private 265583 1/7th Bn.
JEWSBURY G Private 36695 1st Bn.
JINKS George Irvine Private 22072 2nd Bn.
JOB Andrew Private 15364 11th Bn.
JOBLING James Corporal 70427 2nd Bn.
JOCELYN Stephen Corporal 72343 15th Bn.
JODRELL R H Private 7279 1st Bn.
JODRELL W Private 240246 1/6th Bn.
JOHNSON A J Private 71974 1st Bn.
JOHNSON Albert Private 49600 2nd Bn.
JOHNSON Albert Private 72956 15th Bn.
JOHNSON Alfred Private 21076 11th Bn.
JOHNSON Arthur Private 14077 1/5th Bn.
JOHNSON Bertram Lance Corporal 31144 2/6th Bn.
JOHNSON C Private 28915 16th Bn.
JOHNSON Clement Private 18762 1st Bn.
JOHNSON Cyril Benton Lieutenant Colonel 1/6th Bn.
JOHNSON E Lance Corporal 305899 1/8th Bn.
JOHNSON E Private 23943 15th Bn.
JOHNSON E Private 307710 11th Bn.
JOHNSON Ernest Private 11924 1st Bn.
JOHNSON Ernest William Private 14887 10th Bn.
JOHNSON F Private 2623 8th Bn.
JOHNSON F Lance Corporal 31395 15th Bn.
JOHNSON Frank Lance Corporal 19884 1st Bn.
JOHNSON Frederick Private 23945 15th Bn.
JOHNSON G Private 203155 1/6th Bn.
JOHNSON G F Private Military Medal 93877 1/6th Bn.
JOHNSON G H Private 242600 1/6th Bn.
JOHNSON G T Corporal 265368 7th Bn.
JOHNSON George Henry Private 31091
JOHNSON George Henry Private 305102 1/8th Bn.
JOHNSON George William Private 3566 1/6th Bn.
JOHNSON H Private 305650 1/7th Bn.
JOHNSON H E Private 73553 15th Bn.
JOHNSON H F Private 52858 1st Bn.
JOHNSON Hallam Hardy Private 16639 11th Bn.
JOHNSON Henry Private 70709 1st Bn.
JOHNSON Henry Private 71444 15th Bn.
JOHNSON Henry Private 201338 1st Bn.
JOHNSON Herbert Henry Private 235165 16th Bn.
JOHNSON Herbert W. Private 307480 2/8th Bn.
JOHNSON Horace Stanley Private 27025 17th Bn.
JOHNSON J Private 13057 9th Bn.
JOHNSON J Lance Corporal 2627
JOHNSON J H Corporal 20078 1st (Garr.) Bn.
JOHNSON James Private 41742 1st Bn.
JOHNSON John Private 16144 11th Bn.
JOHNSON John Lance Corporal 71569 2/6th Bn.
JOHNSON Leslie Nethercote Second Lieutenant Military Cross 6th Bn.
JOHNSON Luther Corporal 240060 1/6th Bn.
JOHNSON Montague William Private 76402 2/6th Bn.
JOHNSON Mountna Private 3414 1/8th Bn.
JOHNSON Ralph Private 305648 2nd Bn.
JOHNSON Raymond Albert Lieutenant Military Cross 1st Bn.
JOHNSON Richard Sergeant 28468 17th Bn.
JOHNSON Robert William Edward Corporal 3944 5th Bn.
JOHNSON Samuel Private 26604 "D" Coy. 17th Bn.
JOHNSON Samuel Robert Lance Corporal 240445 1/5th Bn.
JOHNSON T Private 19880 1st Bn.
JOHNSON T Private 15892 1/8th Bn.
JOHNSON Thomas Private 16595 Depot
JOHNSON Thomas James Private 9436 2nd Bn.
JOHNSON W Private 22163 2nd Bn.
JOHNSON W Private 1867 1/8th Bn.
JOHNSON William Sergeant 13096 9th Bn.
JOHNSON William Lance Corporal 24187 2nd Bn. attd. 68th Prisoner of War Coy.
JOHNSON William Private 6357 2nd Bn.
JOHNSON William Private 241433 1/6th Bn.
JOHNSON William Ernest Private 266888 2nd/7th Bn
JOHNSTON Charles Sergeant 6676 1st Bn.
JOHNSTON James Lance Corporal 76478 17th Bn.
JOICEY John Arthur Private 103051 2/6th Bn.
JOLLY Harold George Private 103420 10th Bn.