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Surname Forename Rank Awards Service No. Battalion
KEY Alfred Private 1413 1/7th Bn.
KEY F Private 58665 8th Bn.
KEY H Private 2012 1/8th Bn.
KEY H Private 20944 2nd Bn.
KEY Herbert Charles Lance Corporal 306353 1/8th Bn.
KEY William Private 2401 "A" Coy. 7th Bn.
KEY William Edwin Private 55867 16th Bn.
KEY William Henry Lance Corporal 26761 16th Bn.
KEYS Sidney Lance Corporal 25438 11th Bn.
KEYWORTH George Lance Corporal 31631 1st Bn.
KIDDER Charles William Private 203773 2/5th Bn.
KIDDIER John Henry Private 266387 1/7th Bn.
KIDDIER William Private 14065 1st Bn
KIDGER Charles Private 59262 10th Bn.
KIDMAN E Private 269786 2/7th Bn.
KILLALA Edward Private 43292 10th Bn.
KILLARNEY T Private 70670 2nd Bn.
KILLER G Private 60427 2nd Bn.
KILLER L Private 200193 "B" Coy. 1/5th Bn.
KILLICK F C Private 102780 2nd Bn.
KILNER Thomas Richard Burgess Second Lieutenant Military Medal 9th Bn.
KIMBER Fred Private 102263 2/6th Bn.
KINDER James Private 25131 2/7th Bn.
KING Charles Private 52499 16th Bn.
KING E Private 1216 1/8th Bn.
KING Ernest Sergeant 2796 15th Bn.
KING F P Lance Corporal 70006 16th Bn.
KING G C Lance Sergeant 11046 1st Bn.
KING G E Lance Corporal 5073 1st Bn.
KING George Edward Private 109139 1st Bn.
KING H Private 266559 2/7th Bn.
KING John Lance Corporal 11813 1st Bn.
KING Joseph Private 266379 1/7th Bn.
KING L Private 12076 1st Bn.
KING R Private 267803 2/7th Bn.
KING Richard Henry Second Lieutenant 12th Bn.
KING Thomas Private 70669 2nd Bn.
KING Thomas Private 31066 17th Bn.
KING Thomas Francis Lance Corporal 11206 "A" Coy. 1st Bn.
KING William Henry Lance Corporal 102784 1st Bn.
KING-STEPHENS Lionel Eustace Second Lieutenant 8th Bn.
KINGDON Edward Pratt Private 24594 11th Bn.
KINGHAM John Eli Private 31685 17th Bn.
KINGS William Herbert Private 307322 2/6th Bn.
KINGSTON H Private 240830 16th Bn.
KINNEAR Robert Private 22089 1st Bn.
KINNERLEY Frank Private 25658 10th Bn.
KINNERLEY Harry Lance Sergeant 305353 2/8th Bn.
KINSEY William Private 58317 12th Bn.
KINSLEY James Private 241975 2/6th Bn.
KIPLING Harry Private 28252 2/5th Bn.
KIRBY Alexander Claude Second Lieutenant 3rd Bn. attd. 1/5th Bn.
KIRBY H Private 28220 11th Bn.
KIRK A Private 9453 2nd Bn.
KIRK Andrew Private 19889 1st Bn.
KIRK Arthur Sidney Private 266511 "A" Coy. 2/7th Bn.
KIRK Edward Private 2042 1/8th Bn.
KIRK Edwin Private 4553 "C" Coy. 10th Bn.
KIRK Frank Corporal 202084 2/5th Bn.
KIRK George Private 15170 10th Bn.
KIRK H J Private 6012 12th Bn.
KIRK Harold Private 240914 2/6th Bn.
KIRK Herbert Private 70114 16th Bn.
KIRK Herbert Private 2155 1/8th Bn.
KIRK John Company Sergeant Major 201065 1/5th Bn.
KIRK John James Private 22505 9th Bn.
KIRK Joseph Isaac Private 4437 1st Bn.
KIRK Sidney John Lance Corporal 20717 "A" Coy. 1st Bn.
KIRK Walter Lance Sergeant Military Medal 21054 2nd Bn.
KIRK William Private 23764 2/5th Bn.
KIRK William Private 12981 10th Bn.
KIRK William Lance Corporal 3893 1st Bn.
KIRKBY Harry Private 25168 10th Bn.
KIRKHAM George Albert Private 201409 "A" Coy. 11th Bn.
KIRKHAM George James Private 11015 2nd Bn.
KIRKHAM Harry Private 24023 9th Bn.
KIRKHAM W H Private 84022 9th Bn.
KIRKHAM William Corporal 200382 1/5th Bn.
KIRKHAM William Private 1617 1/8th Bn.
KIRKLAND Arthur George Private 76200 2nd Bn.
KIRKLAND Clarence Sergeant Military Medal and Bar 16980 11th Bn.
KIRKLAND George King Corporal 76203 15th Bn.
KIRKLAND James Private 203664 2nd Bn.
KIRTLAND Francis Harold Private 269308 1/7th Bn.
KIRTON William Pollard Lance Corporal 201905 "B" Coy. 2/5th Bn.
KITCHEN Albert James Private 2855 "C" Coy 2/8th Bn.
KITCHEN Clifford Lance Corporal 59446 15th Bn.
KITCHEN E Private 21558 9th Bn.
KITCHEN Edward Private 55831 2/8th Bn.
KITCHEN Fredrick Private 22003 9th Bn.
KITCHEN John Randall Company Sergeant Major 305688 2/6th Bn.
KITCHEN Percy Thomas Private 26277 16th Bn.
KITCHENER H J B Private 242290 2/6th Bn.
KITCHING G A Second Lieutenant 4th Bn. attd. 10th Bn.
KITCHINGMAN George Private 107630 2nd Bn.
KITTLE P J Lance Corporal 47901 2nd Bn.
KNAPP Thomas Sidney Private 7430 Depot
KNAPP William Smith Private 27482 1st Bn.
KNEE Reginald Private 4018 1/8th Bn.
KNEEBONE John Thomas Private 70459 17th Bn.