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Surname Forename Rank Awards Service No. Battalion
ROBERTS A S Private 86492 1/8th Bn.
ROBERTS Albert Private 3561 1/6th Bn.
ROBERTS Albert Henry Private 73359 10th Bn.
ROBERTS Charles Private 3159 1/6th Bn.
ROBERTS Edward Private 74182 10th Bn.
ROBERTS Edward Lance Corporal 72582 10th Bn.
ROBERTS Ernest Lance Corporal 266526 2/7th Bn.
ROBERTS Evan William Private 74166 10th Bn.
ROBERTS Frank Private 70052 1st Bn.
ROBERTS G W Private 108427 11th Bn.
ROBERTS George Robert Private 4011 1/5th Bn.
ROBERTS J Private 74180 10th Bn.
ROBERTS John Robert Private 29258 1st (Garr.) Bn.
ROBERTS John Edward Private 19583 10th Bn.
ROBERTS John Henry Private 1890 6th Bn.
ROBERTS Norman Private 108874 1st Bn.
ROBERTS Owen Private 74165 10th Bn.
ROBERTS Philip Isaac Lance Corporal 25139 15th Bn.
ROBERTS T D Sergeant 104114 2nd Bn.
ROBERTS Tom Private 60980 17th Bn.
ROBERTS W E Private 23585 15th Bn.
ROBERTS W J Private 97927 2nd Bn.
ROBERTS Walter Private 306819 2/8th Bn.
ROBERTS William Lance Corporal 72741 2nd Bn.
ROBERTS William Sergeant 13566 1st Bn.
ROBERTS Zachariah Male Private 17760 12th Bn.
ROBERTSON A Private 325007 1/8th Bn.
ROBERTSON F Private 325008 1/8th Bn.
ROBERTSON George Private 13565 9th Bn.
ROBERTSON John Private 102357 2nd Bn.
ROBERTSON Samuel R. Private 15376 12th Bn.
ROBEY James Private 11580 1st Bn.
ROBEY John Henry Private 203829 2/8th Bn.
ROBEY W Private 11508 1st Bn.
ROBINSON A Private 307391 2/8th Bn.
ROBINSON Albert Edward Private 72263 10th Bn.
ROBINSON Arthur Owen Second Lieutenant attd. 2/8th Bn.
ROBINSON Cyril Conyers Private 95519 1st Bn.
ROBINSON E Private 22635 9th Bn.
ROBINSON Edwin Alfred Lance Corporal 269724 2/6th Bn.
ROBINSON Ernest Private 1641 1/8th Bn.
ROBINSON Frank Dalton Private 12327 1st Bn.
ROBINSON F E Private 17499 2nd Bn.
ROBINSON F W Private 21286 10th Bn.
ROBINSON Frank Private 70037 9th Bn.
ROBINSON Frank Private 13268 9th Bn.
ROBINSON Frank Bradbury Captain 6th Bn.
ROBINSON Fred Private 26774 17th Bn. attd. 9th Bn.
ROBINSON Frederick Private 94380 12th Bn.
ROBINSON George Private 26859 16th Bn.
ROBINSON George Private 25189 15th Bn.
ROBINSON George Private 4307 3rd/8th Bn.
ROBINSON George Arthur Private 70034 16th Bn.
ROBINSON George Frederick Private 74230 10th Bn.
ROBINSON Harold Private 28598 11th Bn.
ROBINSON Herbert Private 53398 16th Bn.
ROBINSON Herbert Healey Private 9571
ROBINSON John Private Military Medal and Bar 20483 8th Bn.
ROBINSON J H Private 70365 17th Bn.
ROBINSON J M Private 5847 5th Bn.
ROBINSON James Henry Private 48267 20th Labour Bn.
ROBINSON John George Corporal 265378 1/7th Bn.
ROBINSON John William Lance Corporal Military Medal 27659
ROBINSON Joseph Private 24893 15th Bn.
ROBINSON Lewis Private 201452 1/5th Bn.
ROBINSON Miles Ray Private 203666 2nd Bn
ROBINSON R Private 91432 2nd Bn.
ROBINSON Richard Private 74226 1/5th Bn.
ROBINSON Samuel James Private 17039 2/6th Bn.
ROBINSON Sidney Private 241926 2/6th Bn.
ROBINSON Stanley R. Private 27507 16th Bn.
ROBINSON Sydney Private 102138 2nd Bn.
ROBINSON T Private 6835 2nd Bn.
ROBINSON Thomas Private 19106 15th Bn.
ROBINSON W Lance Corporal 306547 2/8th Bn.
ROBINSON W Private 25126 "Y" Coy. 15th Bn.
ROBINSON W Lance Corporal 14232 9th Bn.
ROBINSON W C Private 48707 20th Labour Bn.
ROBINSON W H Private 35965 1st Bn.
ROBINSON Walter Lance Corporal 70032 17th Bn.
ROBINSON William Private 70715 1st Bn.
ROBINSON William Private 2491 1/8th Bn.
ROBINSON William Amos Corporal 201095 2/5th Bn.
ROBINSON William Henry Private 203144 16th Bn.
ROBINSON Willis Albert Private 20283 2nd Bn.
ROBOTTOM Reginald Victor Lance Corporal 31856 1st Bn.
ROCKLEY G H Private 9650 2nd Bn.
ROCKLEY George Private 57678 11th Bn.
RODDIE James Private 17645 10th Bn.
RODDIS Frank Sergeant 201004 2/5th Bn.
RODDIS Joseph Edward Lance Corporal 25962 16th Bn.
RODDY R E Private 9441 1st Bn.
RODEN George Lance Corporal 241897 2/6th Bn.
RODGERS H Private 16815 12th Bn.
RODGERS H Lance Corporal 24414 9th Bn.
RODGERS Harold Private 3814 2/8th Bn.
RODGERS Herbert Private 25556 1st Bn.
RODGERS J H Private 203307 1/5th Bn.
RODGERS William Private 3525 2nd Bn.
RODWELL Henry William Private 73357 10th Bn.
RODWELL Walter Private 72467 16th Bn.