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Sherwood Foresters Roll of Honour in Alphabetical Order

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Father and Son serving in the Sherwood Foresters who both fell in the Great War

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BROCKLEHURST Private Herbert Brocklehurst and Private Herbert Brocklehurst
LINDLEY Private John Cyrus George Henry Marriott Lindley and Private William Henry Lindley
WOOLLEY Private Thomas Woolley and Private Thomas Henry Woolley

Brothers both serving in the Sherwood Foresters who both fell in the Great War

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ADCOCK Private Jesse Adcock and Private James Adcock
ADKIN Private Joseph Adkin and Private Walter Adkin
ALDRED Private George William Aldred and Private James Edward Aldred
ALLEN Private John Allen and Private William Hoades Allen.
ALLEN Private Ernest Allen and Lance Corporal Thomas Allen.
ALLEN Private John Allen and Private Leonard Allen
ATKIN Private George Atkin and Private William Atkin.
BACON Private Everitt Bacon and Private Robert Bacon
BAGULEY Private Leonard Baguley and Corporal William Baguley.
BAGULEY Private Albert Baguley and Private Ernest Baguley
BAKER Private Herbert Baker and Private Matthew William Baker
BARKER Private Albert Ernest Barker and Sergeant Reginald Horace Barker.
BARNES Private Charles Edgar Barnes and Private William Percy Barnes
BARNETT Private Henry Barnett and Private William Barnett.
BASFORD Private Albert Basford and Private James Arthur Basford.
BAUGH Private Albert Edward Baugh and Private Squier James Baugh.
BEAT Private Alec Beat and Private Ronald Griffiths Beat.
BEESON Lance Corporal George William Beeson and Corporal John Henry Beeson.
BEMBRIDGE Private Allan Bembridge, Private Arthur Bembridge and Private John Bembridge.
BEMROSE Lance Corporal Bertie Bemrose and Private Percy Bemrose.
BOADEN Private Archibald Boaden and Lance Corporal Bertie Boaden.
BOWER Private George Fenwick Bower and Lance Corporal Albert Holmes (known as Bower)
BRACKNER Private George Brackner and Sergeant William Brackner.
BRADSHAW Private George Walter Bradshaw and Private Thomas Bradshaw
BRIGHT Lieutenant Archibald Viccars Bright and Second Lieutenant Harold Viccars Bright.
BRINDLEY Private John Brindley and Private Robert Brindley.
BROWN Corporal John Harry Brown and Private Vincent Archer Alphonso Brown
BROWN Private John William Brown and Private Percy Brown.
BULL Sergeant Harry Bull and Private Thomas Bull.
BUSWELL Lance Corporal George Burgess Buswell and Sergeant John Burgess Buswell.
BUTLER Private Fred Butler and Private John (Jack) Butler
CAPLE Private John Caple and Lance Corporal Joseph Caple.
CARLILE Corporal Jack Carlile and Private Percy Carlile.
CARR Private Charles William Carr and Private James Carr.
CARRATT Private Charles Edwin Carratt and Private Frederick Carratt.
CARTER Private Charles Samuel Carter and Private Thomas George Carter
CAUNT Private Percy Caunt and Private Cecil Caunt.
CAUNT Private Arthur Caunt and Lance Corporal Frederick Caunt and Lance Corporal Henry Caunt.
CHADWICK Corporal George William Chadwick and Private John Arthur Chadwick.
CHANDLER Private Arthur Clarke Chandler and Private Leonard Chandler.
CHAPMAN Private Albert Chapman and Private Charles Chapman.
CHETTLE Private Claude Chettle and Private Harry Chettle.
CLARKE Private Thomas Edward Clarke and Private Vincent Clarke.
COOK Private Alfred Cook and Private Harold Cook.
COTTRELL Corporal Albert Cottrell and Lance Sergeant Henry Cottrell
COX Private Bertie Cox and Private Ernest Cox
DEVERILL Private Arthur Deverill and Private William Deverill
DOOLEY Private James Alfred Dooley and Private Joseph Arthur Dooley
EATON Private Albert Eaton and Private Harold Eaton.
FISHER Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Herbert Fisher and Second Lieutenant John Wilfred Fisher D.S.O.
FORMAN Lance Corporal Edwin Forman and Private William Henry Forman.
GODSON Corporal Frank Godson and Private William Godson.
GOOD Private Bartholomew Good and Private Joseph Good.
GOODALL Private Arthur Goodall and Private Sam Harry Goodall
HANDFORD Lieutenant Everard Francis Sale Handford and Captain Henry Basil Strutt Handford
HARGREAVES Private Ernest Hargreaves and Private Herbert William Hargreaves.
HART Private James Hart and Private John Hart
HARTSHORN Private Horace Hartshorn and Private Samuel Leonard Hartshorn
HEWSON Private Albert Owen Hewson and Private Ernest Edward Hewson
HOLMES Sergeant George Holmes and Private Frank Arthur Holmes
HOODLESS Private Arthur James Hoodless and Private William Hoodless
HOPEWELL Private Albert Edward Hopewell and Private John Henry Hopewell
JOHNSON Private Edward Johnson and Private Ernest Johnson
KENT Private Frederick Kent and Private Simeon Kent
LACEY Private Edward Francis Patrick Lacey and Corporal Henry Thomas Smedley Lacey
LANE Private George Lane and Lance Sergeant John Lane.
LILLIMAN Private Joseph Lilliman and Company Sergeant Major Robert Lilliman and Private William Henry Lilliman
LINDSELL Private Harold Fred Lindsell and Sergeant Walter Lindsell.
MAY Private Joseph Stanley May and Private Percy White May
MERRIMAN Private Horace Merriman and Private Samuel Merriman.
MILLER Private John Miller and Private William Miller
MURPHY Private James Murphy and Lance Corporal T. Murphy.
MUSSON Private Herbet Musson and Lance Corporal William Musson
NICHOLLS Private Albert Oliver Nicholls and Private Arthur Vernon Nicholls
NOTMAN Private Alfred Notman and Private John Henry Notman
NOWELL Private Edgar Gale Julian Nowell and Sergeant George Andrew Henderson Nowell.
NUTTALL Private Harold Nuttall and Private James Nuttall
PEARSON Private George Pearson and Private Joseph Pearson
PEARSON Private William Herbert Pearson and Private Samuel George Pearson
PINKNEY Private Alfred Pinkney and Private Joseph Pinkney and Private L. Pinkney.
ROWLAND Private Henry Rowland and Private Thomas Rowland
SAUNDERS Private Arthur Saunders and Private Francis Frederick Saunders
SHARDLOW Private G. Shardlow and Private H. Shardlow
SMEDLEY Private Harold Archer Smedley and Private Harry Cornelius Smedley
STAMPER Company Quartermaster Sergeant Eric William Parker Stamper and Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Stamper
STREET Private H. O. Street and Private J. P. Street.
VANES Lance Sergeant J. Vanes and Private R. Vanes.
WALKER Captain William Eaton Guy Walker and Second Lieutanant Harry Cullis Steele Walker.
WALKER Private Thomas Walker and Private William Walker
WALTON Private Robert Walton and Private Thomas Edward Walton.
WESSON Lance Sergeant A. Wesson and Sergeant George Henry Wesson.
WHEELHOUSE Private Frederick Wheelhouse and Private Leonard Wheelhouse
WHYATT Captain Percy Whyatt and Second Lieutenant Raymond Selwyn Whyatt.